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Poppy's Interview On The Zach Sang Show Is The Most Beautifully Awkward Thing You'll See All Day

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Channeling her inner-computer.

Indie-pop artist Poppy stays in character for her entire 30-minute interview on the Zach Sang Show.

Where do I even begin? The singer really committed to the bit, and it left the hosts entirely unsure of how to proceed. It's like she's channeling what it'd be like to be a humanoid computer.

Poppy Spins A Retro “Interweb” In New Video: Watch

Sure, you'll cringe for the first five minutes, including the part where they ask her if she still thinks Donald Trump is gay (everyone is gay), but that's the point.

BRA-VO, Poppy. BRAVO. Watch:

Using your imagination is fun.

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2 hours ago, Alexanda said:

Sry but i prefer interviews like this one:

Well that's the real her, whereas the interview in the OP is her playing her character-- so it makes sense that people would prefer the real thing. (And it is nice to see her being genuine, I'll admit.)

But honestly, given that That Poppy was created to BE a character that reflected and was commentary on pop culture/the pop world in general, I don't see why people are upset that she committed to the role in the other one.

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I read that her label didn't know what to do with her because she was "too weird", then she signed to Diplo's label and they're making room for her. She's really talented, I love her songs and she can write. The character is unnerving, I think that's intentional, and it certainly is working to get people talking about her. Even people who don't listen to top 40 know who she is lol.

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