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“Hold It Against Me” Video Director Shares Behind-The-Scenes Picture Of Him And Britney

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A peek behind the curtain.

The Femme Fatale era is one of Britney's most elusive. Maybe even more so than Blackout because her life was less exposed, yet there was still something eerily mysterious about it.

When the pop princess filmed a music video for "Hold It Against Me," it was an Internet spectacle. It employed a strategic rollout that materialized into one of her most underrated visuals to date.

Why does paint jet from her fingers? What's with the wedding dress? Is she trapped by her past? And da fuq with the Joker smile? There are fan theories for all of it, but amidst the hazy conspiracy theories is a gem shared by director Jonas Åkerlund. It's a behind-the-scenes photo of him and Britney in between takes, a joyous reminder that behind the ferocious pop persona is a woman with a heart of gold and a million dollar smile.

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