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Rumor : Britney Has a Song With Sia and a Collab With Selena !!!!

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12 minutes ago, TeaWaiter said:

Bitney team hired the same team that created Revival cause they wanted something similar

She was a fan of their work

6 minutes ago, Godllory said:

Yes actually "no".. But she have 123m followers on instagram...I think..idk..:angietea:

Most of them followers are paid for

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4 minutes ago, Godllory said:

%? You don't know about that. Lol. But its cool. 

It kills ppl that she is the most loved pop girl right now. I like Selena and revival is my jam but I don't like her new music but let's be real it would be the closest chance to a hit again and Britney would get younger audience attention.'

Sia is crap though and takes over whatever song she is in. 

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