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Songs you hated that you still hate

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BOMT, OIDIA, Britney, and ITZ,  I don't have a standout I particularly dislike.

Blackout: never cared for Why Should I Be Sad.

Circus: Mmm Papi was catchy but not my fave.

FF: I may get dragged but IWG always kind of annoyed me with the autotune and I-I-I wanna go-o-ooo all the waa-aa-AAAy. Drop Dead Beautiful was ruined by Sabi. Big Fat Bass wasn't bad at first but I never listen to it now. Criminal itself isn't bad but I cannot get past that flute, omg.

BJ: It Should Be Easy, Til It's Gone= I always skip. Chillin' With You is cheesy but I like that they at least did something together. Honestly, I don't really listen to that album at all :quirkney:

Glory= Ok. Here we go. I love the style of Private Show but not her vocals. Not really a fan of Do You Wanna Come Over or Clumsy, although I do like Clumsy's beat and drop.  What You Need has that same retro-soul style I think Brit could kill...if she used her natural voice. It's a fun song but I wish there was more to it and the vocals weren't so pitched. There was so much missed potential with that song and Private Show, IMO. I also don't like If I'm Dancing, although I appreciate that they were trying to be eclectic.

Not gonna get into other bonus tracks buuut for me, the worst ever? Ooh La La was ridiculous, even for an animated soundtrack. :gross:



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Dear Diary, My Baby... What You Need, Private Show - the vocals on the last 2 are just :gross:


Also, Britney Jean... the only songs I really enjoy are Alien and Perfume (and I have to be in the mood to listen to BJ)... all the other BJ tracks are :gross: (even WB)

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On 7/8/2017 at 8:55 AM, Dark.Knight said:

Work Bitch

Chillin' With You

Drop Dead Beautiful

Brave New Girl (only hate the chorus)


What You Need

Mmm Papi

Tik Tik Boom

The Answer

really gurl?:gross:

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10 minutes ago, Ephemeral said:

Unpopular opinion but I always skip “Chillin’ With You ft. Jamie Lynn Spears" when it comes on. The lyrics are just...:eheeek:

This isnt an unpopular opinion :tiffcackle:

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All of BJ except for (Buy My) Perfume and Woke Bitch. But I specially hate Body Acne, that beat drop is the lamest thing ever made In EDM history. 


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