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[POLL] What's your favourite britard excuse?

Britard excuses  

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  1. 1. What's your favourite britard excuse?

    • She does sing live its just her mic is low/turned off/the playback is too loud
    • She cant dance because of her knee injury /she's white/she had children/her age/she's bored
    • Her breakdown which happened 10 years ago means that she is a literal vegetable who can't make any decisions for herself
    • Her team is too controlling
    • Will.i.sh!t is to blame for everything wrong about her career since 2012
    • She isn't lying about singing live because one time 15 years ago you could vaguely hear her breathe while performing toxic
    • She's a mom now

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7 minutes ago, Shadow. said:

It's multiple choice so go wild. 

Let me know if I missed anything :queenriri:

I'm a britard and I never used any of those:moorangu: who said because she's white?:moorangu:

Stereo typing is bad:britdrown:

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