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thousand oaks

Names given to Britney Jean - Official Thread

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12 hours ago, SchatarSapphira said:

Britney Jean is a name of a singer, dancer, performer, though. :ipass:

And here we're discussing the disastrous debut album of Myah Marie :queenflopga: 

I kinda like the Brenda Joan one :giggleney:

It's like a term of endearment :)

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The BIG JOKE album :tiffanynod:

BINGO JACKPOT :staysalty:


Such a versatil album name and you all dragging it for no reason, Brinty obviously named it that way because she needed to keep us entertained with countless names since the era ended 3 seconds after it started. :foh:

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2 minutes ago, mauureee said:

DAFUQ? :madonna:

you're the last comment in all threads and all your coments are bitching/complaining. Nobody's following you sweetie. LMAO

But yet you quote me in each of them. You could have commented without quoting me.

I wasn't bitching in this thread anyways. I said I love the album. :byebitch:

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26 minutes ago, Chico101 said:

Are you obsessed with me? Why are you following me into other threads? :mhmsureny:


31 minutes ago, mauureee said:

Oh, now I see you like to bitch in every thread...pheww...hello...:forkit:

How is stating an opinion bitching? 

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I made a thread like this a while ago but I think it was deleted or something. :bey: But I saved the names nonetheless... :queenflopga:

Bethany Jane

Bartholomew Jesus

Bakery Joan

Basilisk Josephina

Beatrice Johnson

Brenda Joan

Barbara Jones

Berta Jackson

Belinda Jersey

Baby Jones

Buena Jordana

Brody Jenner

Benedicto Junia

Belinda Jalonski

Bunchita Jooni

Becky Johannesburg

Betty Jerusalem

Baba Jamie

Billie Jean

Bernice Janus

Banjorah Jolissa

Bonnie Jelks

Barboach Jinx

Beverly Jills

Blue Jar

Bailey Jeneskey

butrus jamilah 

Bul J

Bagatha Jordannay

Bake Jordana

Beatlejuice Jim

Betty Juanita

Babeta Jonesova

Bungee Jumping

Butter Juggs 

Brendana Johannesburgo

Benihana Jenkins

Bernadette Jobbernowl

Bethany Josephina

Betina Johnson

Brandy Joan

Barnie John

Brenda Juana

Bevin Jederline

Benita Juanita

Betrisha Janice

Bukake Juanita

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23 hours ago, thousand oaks said:

- Brenda Johanna

- Bruna Joaquinna

- Brenda Johannesburg 

- Blow Job

- Broccoli Juice

- Bisenta Juanita 

- Blended Jalapeno

- Bruised Jaw

- Broccoli Jam

- Bread Jam

- Banana Jamima

- Basic Jingles

- Braitlyn Jenner

- Bottommina Josephina

- Bronty Jew

- Britma Jackachi 

- Bizarre Jolanda

- Biohazardous Jean

- Basilisk Josephina

Bethany La betterave 

- Banana Jambalaya 

Go on :slayney:


Borlotty Jalisse <3


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