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Lorde Will Be Running “Somewhere Totally Magical” In Her Next ‘Melodrama’ Music Video

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The next single has been chosen.

Lorde has a new music video in the works for her next Melodrama single, but what?

I'm still diving into Melodrama. Each listen radiates a shiny new glimpse of the pop gem that I hadn't previously noticed yet; it's magical. Read BreatheHeavy's review on the album here.

There's more to come. Lorde has plans to film a new music video for one of the tracks. The pop star gave fans a heads up in a new email blast.

“I’m shooting a music video somewhere totally magical,” she says. “Never done a music video like this and I can’t wait for you to see it. There’s running involved.”

Fans suspect it's a clip for "Perfect Places." It's the most-recent release from the 20-year-old – she even performed it on The Tonight Show.

I'd be happy with "Supercut" or "The Louvre" as well.

Already epic!

Lorde Will Be Running Somewhere Totally Magical In Her Next Melodrama Music Video

What do YOU want the next Melodrama single to be? Let us know in Exhale.

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