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Hey! My Name is Jonathan Hill. I am 16 years old . I'm probably the youngest britney fan here. I've became a Britney fan ever since Femme Fetale. I always loved her tracks from that era. And ever since I just stanned her. I'm not particularly new here, but I just wanted to introduce myself.

I also stanned Britney because I learned what she went through during her breakdown. I went through similar depression stages in my life. The only diffference is hers was showcased on every  media format. My house burned down when I was a freshmen in highschool. It seemed like the world was falling apart. But now I am an All A+ student that strived for success. I compare my comeback to Circus. I wasn't particularly a stan during this time. But I secretly liked her songs.I remember Womanizer slaying the charts.

My favorite Britney songs?

Radar,BOMT,Abroad(Unreleased),TTWE,Toxic,Peice of Me, Make Me,Alien,3,Womanizer. 

(All bops)

Who else do I stan for? Rih,Cassie,Shania Twain,Spice Girls,Alanis Morrisette.

(I'm also gay lolzzy)

:slayney:Sorry i wrote too much ctfu. 

Questions ?

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