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Hi! I'm new to this thing!

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Hi! I've been in the fandom since Circus came out but was only actively involved since Femme Fatale. I've been involved in the Instagram Britney community since early this year, so if anyone follows me @theboyfromwxnderlxnd on Instagram, say hi!  :cooltshirt: I've been lurking around this page for a while as a guest but I decided to make an account because why not? My goals are to make some new friends and get more involved in the community!

Here are my fave songs off each album, share yours if y'all want to!

BOMT: I Will Be There

OIDIA: What U See (Is What U Get)

Britney: Lonely

ITZ: Toxic


Circus: Either Lace and Leather, Mannequin or Womanizer.

FF: The whole thing lol

BJ: Don't Cry

Glory: The Whole Thing

Thank you for having the patience for reading this pretty shitty "resume" of sorts:)  Hopefully I'll upload more and not be a flop lol. Have a nice day/night ahead! xoxo:kisses:


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