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Katy Perry’s “Swish Swish” ft Nicki Minaj Sounds Like A Response To Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood"

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4 hours ago, skkskk said:

When will Slumber Party? :cinderellaney::gloria: 


Joke aside, Katy is tragic and yet again she managed to impress me again of how low she can reach, after the tragic mess her album cover is. :moorangu: 

Just wait for the release week of her album and she will impress you even more :hype:

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11 hours ago, Invitation said:

You serious? 'Coz baby now we got bad blood. You know we used to be mad love' in a diss track is lame af. 1989 is a superior album, but bish please get real.

'Bad Blood' is one of the lamest songs from Taylor. 'Swish Swish' feels way more direct and powerful. 

What annoys me is that the snake still victimizes herself in a song that's supposed to be calling someone out.

Honestly I prefer the "snake" Taylor Swift over Katy Perry who made fun of a woman getting raped, made fun of Britney's mental health, said the "N" word a few times even though the black guy kept telling her to stop, and has thrown subtle jabs at Mariah and other more successful and talented people. Katy is the definition of a punk ass bitch. Strong bark but weak ass bite. She would never address this to Taylor Swifts face just like she was all smiles and "lovey dovey" to Britney at the Smurfs premiere even though she talked sh!t about her before 2013. She's clearly bothered by Lady Gaga yet never had the balls to step up to Gaga to address her problem. Katy is scared lol and this "diss" track is weak and lame as Bad Blood. At least the GP love Taylor Swift more than Katy Perry. I don't like Taylor Swift either but lets not act like Katy Perry isn't an evil snake herself. Both are basic white bitches that serve nothing but trash music. 

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After making fun of Britney constantly from 2008 to 2017, do you think shes finally getting the karma she deserves? I wouldn't even call it karma. At this point its more like an ass beating from God. Chained To The Rhythm wasn't a flopped but it wasn't a hit either. Most of the GP don't even acknowledge the songs since it has poor streaming sales and constant red updates on Kworb. Bon Appetite is probably one of the biggest flops of 2017 so far and Billboard is predicting that it wont peak anymore which is ironic since the video has 500 million views on youtube which makes me believe Katy bought her views just like she uses payola. Even a track with Nicki Minaj (the female pitbull) thats supposed to be a diss towards Taylor Swift, isn't sparking any type of buzz and likely wont even be a hit even after they perform it at the bbmas I highly doubt the song will even make it on top 10 billboard. Her album sales will decline and her pre sale Witness tour tickets so far are pretty bad lol. Wendy Williams also roasted her yesterday and the whole audience on TMZ kept making fun of her sales :staysalty: LipstickAlley and other black forums and black twitter are dragging her pasty ass and calling her a racist which was never a secret to me since she always came off as an in the closet racist. Spin and Rolling Stone editors have been calling her a fading pop star and "fad" :lostney: A-TRL and PopJustice are constantly roasting her. Her fans are hiding. Its gotta be embarrassing being a Katy Perry at a time like this. 

Point blank, dont come for Britney.

I actually love Xtina now. She may not be successful anymore but unlike Katy Perry, Xtina actually had iconic moments, has talent and actually grew the f**k up. You dont see Xtina at 35 acting like a teenager unlike Katy Perry who is 32 acting like a prissy 11 year old. 

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