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Lowkey stan rediscovering Britney obsession - Hey!

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Hey! I've been visiting this site more often than not the last few days so figured I'd make an account and contribute to discussions as opposed to creepily watching from the side lines *heavy breathing* lmao. 

I grew up listening to Britney, BOMT came out when I was like 6 and from then until ITZ I was crazy obsessed (I remember being SHOOK listening to ITZ fully, laying on the floor crying to Shadow despite being too young to relate, discovering my passion for dance/erotic movements through that album, etc). From Blackout to Britney Jean I wasn't as hooked as I focused more on alternative music and downplayed my Britneylove (despite the occasional Slave dancebreak in my bedroom) but idk recently I've become infatuated with like the whole mythos of her life/music/setbacks/successes. Blackout has been playing on repeat everyday this week and I'm seriously addicted to Glory (ugh - "If I'm Dancing" and "Man on the Moon" just give me life). So now all I want to do is talk about future hopes and dreams and past thoughts and reflections for the Princess and idk I feel weird for doing this but whatever. I can't help but continue to imagine scenarios where Britney one day decides to fucking TURN UP and sh!t all over every other pop star with something new and crazy and unexpected (e.g. Art hoe abstract "If I'm Dancing" video with non-Vegas outfits and inspired new choreo). It's so stressful wanting so much greatness for someone you admire lol

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