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HI Im New Here

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My name is Christian,

I am new to Exhale but I have been lurking Exhale for almost two years now decided to finally join and participate in the community. I am a huge Britney fan she is first and true love to music been wanting interaction with Barmy outside of twitter for a while.

My faves are Heaven On Earth, Blur, Shadow, DYWCO, Selfish, DKMW, Brave New Girl, Soda Pop (cause its A BOP), HTFY, If Im Dancing, FTBOMBH. But Heaven On Earth is my all time fave and I hope one day its gets it light of day with a performance (One can dream). 

My fave album is Blackout, Circus and In The Zone although Glory is a gem. 

Been following Britney since 1999 my mom used to love her in BOMT Era so I have been following her since but I didn't become a fan until 2007. 

I also live for MMC performances all the time I'll Take You There, I Feel For You even if she's just dancing like in Love can move mountains or in a skit. 

InTheZoney is my spirit animal. 

I don't know if I am doing this intro thing right? Am I floppin or Am I poppinC_usYEPUMAAsQTK.jpg

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