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Get Lost In HILL’s Hypnotic Video For “W e a k”: BreatheHeavy Premiere

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Free but bound.

Free but bound.

Singer-songwriter Hill was recently signed to Sony’s electronic music imprint, Ultra Music, and has a brooding new song and music video to share. It’s titled “W e a k,” a song she co-wrote and co-produced about “a moment of realization that sometimes watching someone you’ve loved and let go fall apart is harder to handle than the heartbreak itself.”

In the Justin Sirizzotti-directed black & white music video for the track, Hill basks in a cloud of smoke and hard light as the memories whirl around her. At one point, the budding indie-pop singer is bound by a pair of gold designer Kaimin cuffs.

“I am not weak for you baby,” she sings over a trancey-electro beat. “But seeing you weak for me cuts me off at the knees.”

What inspired W e a k? "A breakup wherein I realized that most of the pain or sadness I was experiencing was a reflection of what I could see the other party going through," Hill tells BreatheHeavy. "I knew I had caused someone I really cared for to hurt, and that was harder for me to tolerate than my own heartbreak itself. I was in the studio the day of the breakup actually - even the vocal is the original scratch vocal from that day."

She adds: "I want people to be able to reflect on what the lyrics mean to them personally. I want to help them through similar situations. I want them to have that 'hey, she just explained to me what I am feeling right now' moment that I get with so much of my favourite music."

Watch the video for “W e a k” below:

What does the rest of Hill's 2017 look like? She has two more videos in the works – one is a collaboration with Caitlin Cronenberg, an exceptionally rad Canadian director and photographer. She'll also be spending "a lot more time state-side and am looking forward to bringing my live show with me."

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