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I'm new here

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So, hello everyone, I just made my profile here, I've been around since like July, 2016, but I decided to registrate now. Long story short, I'm 15 and found out about Britney two years ago, when I randomly hopped on BOMT MV on YouTube, I watched and found out I knew the song and than I watched OIDIA, Toxic, Womanizer and etc. only to find out that I knew all of them, but didn't know who Britney was at that time, than I watched her Femme Fatale stuff(I wanna go and criminal in particular) and than remembered how big of a hits they were here(even Criminal, it was massive, not joking) and I also remembered S&S and Work Bitch. However it was 2015 and I discovered her like 2 weeks before Pretty Girls happened and when the song was released I was over Britney. Than 2016 followed and while I was traveling in my parents car, Womanizer played on the radio than I looked up for Britney again and it was just a week after her BBMA performance and than she won me again. I was so over the basic pop music lats year, so I watched most/all of Britney's videos and they were all great. When Make Me was released I was checking of it's chart position and than I found a thread about it here and since than I'm using Exhale for source of Britney related news. Basically that's all.

PS: Sorry if I'm posting in wrong section or something, still learning.

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17 minutes ago, mystic falls said:

welcome to the nicest place online possible large.png.25b4b809f32da19ec12d001f04a3c9

OMG I DIED. This site is really awesome. :hype:

Welcome @skkskk . Hope see you often. :cinderellaney:

You will definitively have a lot of fun.

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