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Britney Congratulates Mary J Blige On New Album With A Flashback Friday

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5 minutes ago, britney_rocks said:

Gotta love these new fans. They were in set together and did the photo shoot together. There's a video of it. 

I already know. thank You 

I just see this particular cover as not that good, it look like collage, no connection between ladies :nicki2: for me it is weird/bad composition ?

Behind the scenes pictures/vid are so much better :cutesybrit:

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Just now, danny1994 said:

Britney likes Shakira

And I think this tweet actually came from Britney herself, we know how much she loves Rihanna


That's why I said it could've been her SM guy. That particular Rolling Stone cover was a huge deal back then. You can't just ignore the other lady standing next to you.

Like I said, a tag would've sufficed. :donewithit:

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Just now, Jayney said:

Oh god, i'm colombian too but i don't like that goatkira, her new music is mess and her stupid cheap videos. omg i can't :NYsassy:

That's ok boo, I don't like all of her work. :donewithit:

But we can't ignore the fact that's effing huge and that's she's everywhere. She gave birth to her last son and boom

she was back at it. It's been hits after hits since last year.:ponderney:


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2 minutes ago, SeductiveBritney said:


Ok, you want me to share her views and plays on all platforms instead? :saycheese:

Views is the only thing that fans of shakira can do, I would like to see the sales of her perfumes, her great residence in las vegas oh wait I would like to see the quantity of numbers 1 obtained here in USA.:ohnoney:

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