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Britney Congratulates Mary J Blige On New Album With A Flashback Friday

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Just now, SeductiveBritney said:

omg where is that part? i couldnt find it!? :ponderney:

The thing is that I thought it would maybe be a little awkward if she mentioned Shakira like that and the message would be a kind of formal mentioning without a point anyway.

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It's pretty simple. She/they could've used these other pictures:


Image result for britney and mary j blige

Related image Image result for britney and mary j blige


Related imageHeck


heck, she could've even cropped this one:

Image result for britney and mary j blige




So yeah, it was most definitely shade. Which is weird, since it's not Britney's style at all. I supect it may have been her SM manager's doing.

But if it was Britney... damn girl. I love you to death, but... you can't pull off shade like that. :donewithit:

Not now. Not with the current status of your career. :zoomzoom:

Related image Related image

Like, Shakira is the biggest latin international female superstar. She's always been very respectful of Britney, even during her darker days.

Heck, we better not talk about RELEVANCY nowadays. #sorrynotsorry. :wtfdidusay:

A mere Instagram tag would've sufficed, tbh.


Bad move, Brinni / Britney's IG manager.:byebitch:



PS: And while we are at it, show some love for all of these RECENT and CONSECUTIVE  Shakira hits #LatinoPride




Even in the collabs, she manages to turn them into gold.:verycool:

Millions and millions of views combined... sure feels nice to stan for her. :saycheese:

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3 minutes ago, WilderWein said:

no it was not shade. why would it be shade just bc she used that pic? she probably didnt put much thought in it.. *eye roll*

if you post a prominent pic with several people on it on IG, you usually tag them. like I said, a mere tag would've been enough.

whoever posted this, knew this would happen. but it kind IS backfiring, giving how almost only her spanish speaking fan base still stan for Britney like it still was 2002...

go and read the comments section on IG

it's bad.:donewithit:

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2 minutes ago, Camilo said:

What a dumb thread, she's fucking Britney Spears, she can do Whatever she wants:sofedup:keep stanning for goatkira, me (colombian) and all of my friends dont Know her since loba. :byebitch:


I'm Colombian too. She's always in the radio.

She's everywhere.

She's still huge and you know it.  Are you amnesiac all of the sudden? :sofedup:

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5 minutes ago, britney_rocks said:

Gotta love these new fans. They were in set together and did the photo shoot together. There's a video of it. 

I already know. thank You 

I just see this particular cover as not that good, it look like collage, no connection between ladies :nicki2: for me it is weird/bad composition ?

Behind the scenes pictures/vid are so much better :cutesybrit:

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