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Based on your experience in life: Which stereotypes are somehow true?

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To me:

Blondes are whores (Ok, shut up, I know not every blonde is a hoe but based on what I've seen? Yeah, most of them are.)

Skinny men have the biggest Ds.

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12 hours ago, ThePhoenix said:

Most attractive people are narcissists

going off this, most of the typically "attractive" girls by Instagram standards (having makeup/outfits/looks like the Kardashians) are generally shallow, stuck-up, entitled, superficial, and kinda trashy. it sucks cuz they're really attractive and I like a girl who cares about her appearance, but their personalities are usually a huge turn off. I like down-to-earth good girls tbh :yeahsure:

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African people from (Nigeria, Ghana) to be specific are actually very down to earth and friendly, I met them when I was in Ukraine and still have connections with.

Most rich people are very shallow (especially the ones whom got rich out of no where AKA nouveau riche) and they don't know how to interact with humans.

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