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New to the board but a 'veteran' fan :)

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I fell in love with BOMT the first time I heard it on the radio, my mother bought me the BOMT album on cassette... I played it all the time on my walkman (some members of this board will have to google that...)  :embarrassney:  

I literally followed every step that she made, back in the day with no social media you had to get your gossip from teen magazines... I made my mom buy me all of them every week lol

I lost interest when all the candid pics was of her walking barefoot or wearing dirty clothes, dirty hair, eating junk food... I didn't mind that she was living her life but in that moment she was so angry and fed up and sad that the papz were following her 24/7 but it didn't seem like she was doing anything or going that extra mile like most celebs to protect her privacy, the breakdown traumatized me. I fell back in love with her after I saw FTR and she said that she went out to party and drink and do whatever she could to not be home because her boys weren't there :crying1: she was hurting and everything made sense!

I haven't been following her as much as when I was a kid but when I heard MM last year wow I just loved it, it wasn't the typical Britney first single... Glory is my #2 fav album... ITZ is my number 1 , best Britney album ever! I remember in 2003... I literally listened to Brit's ITZ, Xtina's Stripped and JT's Justified every damn day.... because I grew up in the 'teen pop' phase... there's always that little part of me that wants Britney and Christina on top of the charts again but not in a rivalry way, more like a 'we runned the world once and we still can' way :carpoolney:

None of the females of the new generation has come close to what Britney did in her prime and I'm not even counting sales just performance wise, X factor wise Everything!

Can't wait for the 20th anniversary next year, I hope we get something big!!

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