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CupcakKe Releases "Queen Elizabitch"; Wigs Reportedly Disintegrate Upon First Listen!

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"For the promo of this album , I'm giving away free wigs,Brazilian and Peruvian, and glue,because your wig will be snatched so you'll need it."


OK ladies, I hope y'all got your music streaming subscriptions ready, because CupcakKe is has come for weaves with her latest release! About 5 months after releasing heavy-hitter Audacious, CupcakKe delivers sick beats, some powerfully introspective verses, while continuing to be playfully provocative on the 12 track, 39 minute Queen Elizabitch.

I could do a track by track breakdown of each amazing song, but I wanna see what y'all think of it. Definitely listen to the album start to finish because each track is really superb! Definite highlights include Scraps, 33rd (a great song to the haters), CPR (a sibling of Deepthroat?) Biggie Smalls (body acceptance!), Barcodes, Civilized, Reality Part 4*.

Discuss, sistren! :queenflopga:


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1 hour ago, If U Seek Me said:

OMFG, already a new album/mixtape?! Nnnnnnnnnn. :gloria:

My wig was snatched so hard half of my brain went with it! :scalped:

"Just shoot me in my ass crack with a cumshot"  :queenie:

CPR sent my wig to outer space! :scalped:

"Then I turn around and give the d*ck more kisses than Hershey's" :myjam:

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