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Candice Is A Bad Girl In The "Dutty Boy" Music Video: BreatheHeavy Exclusive

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Candice Craig's new music video is NSFL.

The former X Factor finalist and Insta-famous femme fatale unleashed her sexified Anthony Markus-directed visual for "Dutty Boy," her song about putting play boys in their place.

"All of us women have felt like we have had to put a man in his place every once in a while," Candice tells BreatheHeavy.com of the song. "I just had to remind him one time, 'I'm the best time of ya life.'"

The steamy video features shaky shots of the up and comer seducing a latin lover with her hypnotizing hips and ace choreography. "I want people to feel empowered by 'Dutty Boy,'" she added. "As women we need to feel like we can have power with the man we choose. He needs to understand that we do choose, and if you are the chosen one... you are lucky and should appreciate it cause not everyone gets the chance."

Between Candice's undeniable sex appeal, feisty lyrics and the whirling sirens blaring throughout, "Dutty Boy" will be sure to get your blood pumping.

Watch below:

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