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Camila Cabello Recorded A Demo Of The Chainsmokers "Closer": Listen

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The Chainsmokers featuring Camila Cabello was almost a thing.

The Chainsmokers featuring Camila Cabello was almost a thing.

Before Camila Cabello made her swift exit from Fifth Harmony, she was teaming up with some of music's biggest producers. She had projects in the works with Diplo, Cashmere Cat and apparently The Chainsmokers.

A demo of her singing the verse on their No. 1 charting song "Closer" has surfaced. After hearing the track so many times with Halsey (thank you, radio), it's hard to imagine what it would have sounded like in the end had Camila stayed put, but here's a taste:

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I know I'm a big fan of Camila...and I'm trying not to be biased...but I can't really understand how anyone can sit there and defend Halsey when she's just as (if not more) annoying than Camila is. Plus, the girl (Halsey) can barely even handle the small fame she has right now.

I feel like Halsey is one of those artists that's kinda just here for this particular moment in music. I'll be surprised if she's still around mainstream in 5 years. I feel as though Camila has the ability to stick around, especially if her debut is a slam dunk (which is looking like a very strong possibility) Camila has much more potential imo. AND she's latina so she's already starting off with a wider, international audience range and she hasn't even released a solo single yet.

That said, I do think the ad-lib we hear in the video is a bit too much for the song that we know today. But that's all in editing 

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