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Justin Timberlake Is Performing At Rock In Rio

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JT is going to rock his body at Rock In Rio.

Justin Timberlake is going to rock his body at Rock In Rio.

When Justin Timberlake talked about his forthcoming album in recent interviews, it sounded like he had a ways to go, but the "Suit & Tie" singer could be further along than we thought. Rock In Rio, who recently announced their star-studded lineup that included Lady Gaga, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, confirmed they're adding JT to the list. He'll act as the show closer when he takes the stage on Sep. 17 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

This doesn't necessarily mean Timberlake will have a new song by then, but knowing him it's likely. He's already confirmed collaborations with Timbaland, Pharrell and Max Martin on a record he's describing as a nod to his Southern roots. “[I'm not] making a country album, but I also don’t like to say that I’m making an R&B album,” JT told The Hollywood Reporter.

It's worth noting Taylor Swift has performed several arena shows without new music (unless you count her Fifty Shades Darker collaboration with Zayn), but something tells me JT isn't going to show up to the largest music festival in the world without some new audio candy for fans to indulge in.

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12 minutes ago, Godney's Sweet Ass said:

Slay those 4 words he sings whilst trying to dance, but looking old and awful :britdrown:


Remember this mess...



"Oh but at least he sings live"

"Yeah, apart from ANY high notes, ANY choruses and 90% of the song." :selenerz:


If Britney did this it would help her image. At least ppl would hear her voice. It's this simple but they are too lazy to do this.,, 

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