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Aaron Butterfield

Check Out Lady Gaga and Metallica's Grammy Performance

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Mic difficulties, fire and crowdsurfing!

Lady Gaga teamed up with Metallica for a rendition of "Moth Into Flame".

Fresh off her triumphant Super Bowl Halftime Show performance, Lady Gaga inexplicably teamed up with Metallica tonight to perform "Moth Into Flame". The interesting mismatch of genre provided some mixed results.

For one thing, they left the lead singer of Metallica's mic off, forcing the rock god to have to share with Gaga. For another, Gaga used the opportunity to test her crowd surfing skills:

There's no denying that the Lady has the chops though, and is certainly a natural rock singer, in much the same way that she can turn her hand to pop, jazz and acoustic tinged numbers.

Lady Gaga's riding high off the success of the Super Bowl, with single "Million Reasons" sure to see a chart bump this week, after having spent 7 days in the iTunes top 5. Will this performance help that? Who knows. Who knows why this happened.

Thoughts? Let us know in Exhale.

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Funny thing that nobody even talk bout this mess, i literally thought she didnt perform tho i heard the news shes gonna perform with Metallica before . It was very late that i got to know her taking the stage lol thats how irrelavant she became :wontcry: 

n someone pls tell me how John Wayne performing ? :mhm:

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