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I can't believe Slumber Party flopped

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5 minutes ago, PokemonSpears said:

I'm not surprised it flopped. It was a terrible choice as a single.

However, for me SP flopping, meant peaking at top 50 at least. I never thought it was gonna be worse than Perfume :sassybrit:

Gurl bye, with proper promo the song would have smashed.

Even certain people I know that aren't generally fond of Britney's music enjoy the song.

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6 minutes ago, ManOnTheM00n said:

That song was perfect and had so much potential..


I really think all it is is Britney having a negative stigmatism to her and her name and people are embarrassed to listen to admit they like her

^^ agreed. It's not that the music is bad. Slumber Party is definitely one of the best on the album and I thought had potential for major success. The success on the radio charts it had was just a glimpse of what could've been. It's her image, plus the fact that no one seems to even know she released an album last year.

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I'm not surprised it flopped but I'm definitely angry because Glory was one of the only few female albums of 2016 to have a bunch of bops. Her team is so frustrating to cope with. 

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- Her team waited way too long to release Slumber Party and kept promoting Make Me that was already dead after the video fiasco

- All the promo she did on festivals wasn't properly televised so it did nothing for the song, then they gave up like she done enough and that was it







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