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Britney Confirms Sam Asghari Relationship With This Adorable Tweet

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I saw people ripping into  based on superficial snap judgments and not only does it make them lame it makes them a hater. I know if someone did to them they'd have a hissy fit... he took his time to talk to me on several occasions and give me advice as well 

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11 minutes ago, button said:

Not when the country you're leaving for is the US. He didn't move to North Korea as far as I know. What did poor Sam have to learn? Partying? Eating Mc Donalds instead of Kouskous? :gtfo:

Is learning a new language, (a piss easy one at that) supposed to be "hard work"? Kids at college do that. But okay. Thought it was more serious than keeping your body fit. I was expecting you to tell me the story of Aladin. :xcuseme:

See it's petty people like you who cause a rift btwn celebrities and us normal folk anyway just give the man his credit it's not easy going anywhere foreign and starting over.. have you ever moved away from everything you ever knew? 

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