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Britney Confirms Sam Asghari Relationship With This Adorable Tweet

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9 minutes ago, Derrickr411 said:

I don't wish to say Bc I'm not trying to use him or Brit for Attention but I could prove it easily 

you posting this topic and not providing receipts is attention seeking tho. just post it 

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11 minutes ago, Derrickr411 said:

Could you imagine leaving your country and everything you've known ? To learn a new language and way of life... it's not easy and keeping your body like that is hard ass work 

Not when the country you're leaving for is the US. He didn't move to North Korea as far as I know. What did poor Sam have to learn? Partying? Eating Mc Donalds instead of Kouskous? :gtfo:

Is learning a new language, (a piss easy one at that) supposed to be "hard work"? Kids at college do that. But okay. Thought it was more serious than keeping your body fit. I was expecting you to tell me the story of Aladin. :xcuseme:

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Shaking. Crying.

Britney has confirmed her and Sam are dating.

Well, more or less. Queen B has a funny way of revealing things, whether it be saying she's been back in the studio to announce B10 is in the works or hinting that a tour would be fun (bye Vegas!), but she's not being so coy about her new beau.

Brit just tweeted a picture of her hunky boyfriend Sam Asghari with the caption "Mad love ❤️ for this one."

The couple met when Sam played the singer's love interest in the "Slumber Party" music video and have been spotted on dates ever since.

Congrats, Brit!

(We're not jealous. At all.)

Thoughts? Let us know in Exhale.

And while you're at it... leave a comment and follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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59 minutes ago, Sleazy said:

Did you really? :umomg: 

Yes I'm not looking for attention. Merely stating the truth that he's SUPER COOL and I asked him a few respectful questions about Brit and he replied that he does not get into her business but that he 100% knows her to not care about race, gender, preference and that the Queen is down to earth too 

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