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Joe Jonas Strips Down To His Underwear For Guess

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See the NSFL photos.

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Wassup, Joe Jonas?

The DNCE frontman took it off for a campaign with Guess alongside model Charlotte McKinney.

Jonas admitted "it can be a weird thing to be sitting there in your underwear being photographed, but overall I had a blast."

Also, "everybody on set was great. You feel comfortable."

Is anyone still reading?

Swipe through the gallery above (Photos via Eonline.com).

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1 hour ago, Streets said:

He's far, far more attractive imo than Nick :forkit:

He also doesn't use his body to pander to gays for relevancy, so um yeah :yeaok:


1 hour ago, PervertedSaint said:

Not bad... but he seems younger as compared to nick. But nick has a naturally more muscular body 


1 hour ago, Dirty Boy said:

I can't be the only one that doesn't find Jonas bros not hot at all?


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Although the editing is definitely weird, he looks SO.GOOD. I knew there was a reason why I always thought he was the most attractive
(shout out to Nick for skewing my perception for a while tho LOL)

And that shot of him lying on the couch while taking off that gray tee  :milkney::hipney::cinderellaney:

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