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Buzzfeed ranks all 43 Britney Spears music videos

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Why it's important: "Make Me" is a gorgeous song that deserved a gorgeous video. It's sad that we never got a music video for it.

SCREAMING!! :hype:


24 minutes ago, button said:

Is this a sign? :letitburn:

Hit me baby one more time. :uknowit:

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10 minutes ago, IUSAtonight said:

Oops is good but not #1 :frenchy: 

and Gimme more is way higher than it should been




Gimme More is iconic and you will deal :lessons:

x100000000 better than Make Me will ever be :staysalty:

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If U Seek Amy at #28?!

3 at #31?!

The Radar horse at #34?!

This guy is nuts! :dead:

49 minutes ago, justkeepdoingit said:

stopped after seeing DLMBTLTK at #30.

I agree, I was shocked too. It should have been lower, in the depth of the ranking, together with Sometimes and I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman. :pieceofwhat:

18 minutes ago, PieceofBritney said:

she has 43 music videos! wow...I never counted them. 

I guess more like 42, because the guy counted the original Make Me... video in it. :jackk:

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