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Here's Why Charli XCX Gave Selena Gomez 'Same Old Love'

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One name: Justin Bieber

Fingers point back to the Biebster.

You can't really talk about Selena Gomez's "Same Old Love" without mentioning Charli XCX, you know, the songwriter to the pop kiss-off. It's been more than a year since the track dropped and the British starlet has finally revealed her reasonings for handing over the mid-tempo number to the Revival sessions.

Speaking with GRAZIA, the rebellious pop gal reminisced about the first time she heard Selena's vocals on the number, admitting she wanted to keep the cut for herself. "Actually 'Same Old Love' was one of those songs that once I'd heard Selena sing it – and she sounded so great. I was like, 'Oh my god, I want this song for myself,'" she told the mag.

Later on, Charli XCX realized that the pop tune fit Gomez's life much more than her own, so she decided to give it up. "It was actually the perfect home for that song because coming from [Gomez], it meant kind of a lot more than coming from me," she added.

But who was to credit for the oh so "perfect" fitting? Justin Bieber, of course. "Partly because she had such a high profile relationship which was all over the press, it felt very real coming from her," she said. "I think a lot of the audience could really connect because of what had been going on. It was cool that really brought that song to life."

Considering the lack of commercial success of some of Charli's most recent releases, one can only wonder if her path towards solo Top 40 success would have accelerated if she had kept it for herself. Hell, even an actual feature on the song (since she's so audible on the hook) would have shoved her name down the throats of Top 40 programmers. But Charli XCX singing a song that sounds like it's aimed at Justin Bieber wouldn't have been as effective as Selena delivering it on her own, right?

Click here to read more from Charli XCX's interview with GRAZIA.

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7 hours ago, BreatheOnMoi said:

Selena is an opportunist and would be absolutely nothing without her ex or without people that write music for her like Charli.

Well, of course she's an opportunist, she's a celebrity after all. But the remainder of your comment is totally false. Might wanna look up her album and singles history before her Justin-era next time cause Selena's always been a thing and she had to claw/climb her way up the charts. Granted, she is more successful now...I'll give you that...but she deserves all her success. Saying she would be "nothing" is absurd because she was already something lol. Her relationship with JB just introduced her to more people, which widened her fan base-causing her to become more successful.

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