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UPDATED - Top 10 Britney Videos - Round 8!

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6 minutes ago, fucknfurter said:

I'm so happy Everytime won the first round!

I voted Womanizer for the second-- that's the same character as Toxic, right? (I love Toxic, I just wanted to show Womanizer some love.)

I wasn't really sure :orangu: But I knew the hate I would get for NOT including Womanizer

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The slave choreo is iconic and a Britney staple, but my favorite choreo is stronger by far :myjam:

While I do like seeing her perform nowadays, I miss the times when she used to use a chair for anything BUT sitting. Now she uses everything BUT a chair to sit :rihclap:

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22 minutes ago, BritneyJeanSpearsOfficial said:

I can't believe I miss the second round, Why no one told me. Now I Feel Like A Flop Fan



BTW I kind of voted like Three or Four :eeek: sorry, I dance my heart out for those song soooo. Sorry baby, love you thou :bwink: 

Aw! It's OK don't worry you remembered round 3 ;)

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