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UPDATED - Top 10 Britney Videos - Round 8!

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I would really appreciate if you all took part in my poll? The video with the most votes I'm gonna make into a tumblr gifset :mhm: I've not got much insp. atm for posting on tumblr so I thought this would be a good idea :clap:

Anyway if any of you do actually vote I'll love you forever ;)


  • The Ballad - Round 1
  • The Best Character - Round 2
  • The Best Choreography - Round 3
  • The Video with the Best Outfits - Round 4
  • Best Visual Effects - Round 5
  • Most Underappreciated Video - Round 6
  • Best 90's Britney Video - Round 7
  • Best 00's Britney Video - ???


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3 minutes ago, Erreur 2 La Nature said:

Lol, someone is pressed I see. It was a simple advice. No need to adopt that attitude and be agressive with people.

Its a simple poll (which will have a new category every week fyi) and all you had to was vote, I didn't ask for suggestions or I would've added that to the OP :britstare:

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