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You've Got To See Brian Friedman's "Change Your Mind" Choreography

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#MakeChangeYourMindTheSecondSingle: Activated.

Nowadays popular songs can circuit around YouTube's dance world and a hit can be made from it (Rihanna's "Needed Me" got a lot of love from online choreographers before it charted), and it seems "Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes)" could be next.

Britney's flirtatious foray into the Spanglish genre, featured on her new album "Glory", has quickly become a favorite and has fans pining for the single treatment.

Therefore, Brian Friedman and Yanis Marshall's choreography collaboration is very welcome as it'll likely introduce the track to a wider audience and generate some online buzz.

Marshall's videos have been shared by Beyoncé, Ciara and Ariana Grande, helping him amass an online following of over 1.1 million.

Friedman requires no introduction to Britney fans, being the man behind some of the singer's most iconic routines, namely "Slave 4 U" and "Toxic". After choreographing the Dream Within A Dream and The Onyx Hotel tours, the former friends briefly reunited for "Femme Fatale" promotion in 2011 but it didn't last long due to creative differences (ahem, "I'm a mom now".)

Brian and Yanis' collaborative routine is sexy, fluid and what we could only dream of seeing Britney herself perform.

Team Britney, "Change Your Mind" is a hit - get working.

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44 minutes ago, colormefresh said:

Brian's choreography is.... Spastic and ugly. I wonder what happened to his skills.

this, The more I watch his nowadays dancy videos the more I hope Britney not to work with him again. People here always calling up for brian but probably dont know his dance style isnt anymore like on early 2000's, and now he is super exaggerated overdramatic, nothing to do with primeney dancing. And the dancing in high heels on men is getting old and cheapy. Looks so out of place in that video. Dont even like to watch on women. Look at britney, I hate that she dances in heels everytime. I think it only makes her stiff. Britney needs to work with the janet jackson choreographers :donewithit:


but I actually liked the redhair girl , she knew how to balance the exaggerated aggressive brian routine/moves with some more feminine and sensual , unlike the others 3 girls before for example just did like him and the boys are just brian copycats. Jezuz, really dont like his new dance style :embarrassney:

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12 minutes ago, Barajas said:

omg!.. so many referances to MM Original with all those move on the floor!.. I like him.. despites could be a little bit exagerated and too hard to do for Britney right now

I'd burst out laughing if Britney does that choreography or ANY singer tbh. I think those dance moves are only for dancers/dance videos. 

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