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The Official Unreleased Britney Music Thread

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2 hours ago, vnisverx said:

Can anybody provide actual proof (e.g. as XOTIC did with photos/links) of half these demo claims? I for one 110% believe in Original Doll (she said so herself the day that she went to the LA radio station and previewed the demo of "Mona Lisa" without authorization...), so I'd like to get my personally tailored Original Doll playlist all tidied up, mmkay?

I see it this way: Anything new recorded after the release of In The Zone and before working with her team for Blackout is, by definition, Original Doll material. I thought "Dramatic", "Money, Love and Happiness", "Ouch", "Get It", "Guilty", "Peep Show", "Yesterday"/"Little Me", and "Rebellion" were all Original Doll tracks then...?

Can somebody please confirm or clarify? What about "Welcome To Me" or "Baby Boy"/"Untitled Lullaby" : post-In The Zone, pre-Blackout, or legit Original Doll?

None of those songs were for The Original Doll, the only song recorded for that album that's been confirmed is Mona Lisa.

Money Love and Happiness, Ouch, Get It, Guilty, Peep Show and possibly Welcome to Me were all from ITZ

The others (Dramatic, For My Sister/Little Me/Just Yesterday, Rebellion and Untitled Lullabye/Baby Boy) were recorded for Blackout

31 minutes ago, TraciBrooks said:

Where is 'Umbrella' tho? I know Britney recorded a copy for Blackout before Little Miss Sunshine got her grubby little hands on it.

She didn't, Jive rejected it.

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My favorite out of the ones we haven't heard is for sure Pulse.It's really breathy and so ITZ/OD Britney,so sad we don't have her spin on the track tho.And i still wish we had that snippet.:snapney:

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On 9/13/2016 at 8:22 PM, Artsy Fartsy said:

it was supposed to be on Circus, and later on FF, I think

It was for Circus, there's a picture of her with the writers/producers in the studio and she's wearing the same outfit we see her recording Womanizer in in FTR. We don't know whether it was considered for FF.

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