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Britney's DJ Mustard Track "Mood Ring" Will Make You Feel Things

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40 seconds of Britney's DJ Mustard-produced song "Mood Ring" surfaced ahead of its official release next month.

The Japanese bonus track off Glory is slated to drop September 14, according to Sony Music's Japanese affiliate website, but a bit of it in low quality trickled onto the Internet ahead of schedule, and it'll put you in a mood.

The slow-tempo tune drips in thumping beats over Mustard's hazy electro production as the pop star croons about a colorful force that controls her.

When you're making me glow / With your fingers against my thighs / Think I've been here before / I've turned some hearts into stone / And I can't hide it no more," Britney sings in the clip living in the darkest corners of the web.

"My love is a mood ring / Up and down emotions / All these mood swings / You know how to read the touch of my skin / Nothing on my body but this mood ring / You change me."

Mustard described the record as "a super big hit", "harder than hard" and "a motion picture," and he did not lie.

The Jon Asher-penned cut is the cherry on top of the delicious Glory cake Spears served fans last week. The Britney Army will have to wait just two more weeks to gobble the whole thing up (unless of course the Internet strikes again). You won't wanna miss out on this one.

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I still don't know why Japan also gets the extra tracks. Pisses me the f**k off. The US is her home country. Shouldn't we have the most tracks? I never understood this. Everyone should the equal amount of tracks. I'm jealous, f**k them, but luv them if they make it go top #1 :cigney:

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