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One year ago today

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Facebook reminded me today that exactly a year ago, I finally experienced my first Britney concert after being a long-time fan. It was an amazing experience, and I have continued to be slayed in the year since. 

I've never posted a photo of myself on here to maintain some privacy, but I'm making the exception to honor this occasion. 

Thanks Britney for the music and the memories!


EDIT: oh! And I forgot to add that I met Fe, who is the loveliest woman in the world!



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55 minutes ago, DirtyMind said:

You're adorable. :thirsty:

32 minutes ago, naturalplayboy said:


Thank you both!

54 minutes ago, The_Original_Toy said:

What a special occasion :cooltshirt:

i have yet to see Britney tho :tiffsniffle:

I'm sure this goes without saying, but I sincerely hope you do. It's such an awesome experience! I can't wait to go back.

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