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9 minutes ago, over-protected-life said:

she literally said her and her girls will have guys auditioning for her

And how is that of a conifrmation of a video reshot?

we saw few scenes from the video only... We saw guys dancing with her.. Maybe this was right after the audition? Stfu and wait for the video!

19 minutes ago, Bawbby. said:

lmao she just said the video has a totally different concept than what was shot in june adjgdklfjsdkglsd


I'm recording the interview and will upload soon!

STFU, She hasnt said that! Stop spreading false rumors for a hit thread... My gawd.. What is wrong with you people?!

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2 minutes ago, Erreur 2 La Nature said:

She apparently said " The video I just shot is about me and my girls auditioning guys, it's fun "

I am disgusted.

Hi sweetie, weren't you supposed to hit me up when radio magically added 50,000 in sales to Make Me? :)

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I'm imaging 10 years from now people are hunting for the original make me video just like how they have done with the deleted Gimmie More scenes :nodnchew:

I still wonder why they can't just release 2 mvs like a "sweet" version (new one) and a "spicy" version (shot in june)

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I really hope it's not scrapped cuz it looked like a f**ing awesome video but let's try not to lose our hopes yet. I mean she talked about auditioning. what if the scenes that were leaked show that ? i mean in the end of the leaked scene there is someone yelling "cut!!" like they audition for something. I don't know, maybe that's what she was reffering to ? 

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5 minutes ago, Via Infinito said:

Thats not a confirmation at all

at the end of that minute video

someone said ok cut! 

Just like an audition

I was thinking the same thing. Maybe not the entire video was scrapped, but they reshot some scenes that still fit with the ones we saw? :britwtf3:

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