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lead single release vs. music video release

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...baby one more time: 

song - october 23
video - november ??

oops!...i did it again:

song - march 27
video - april 10
= 13 days later

i'm a slave 4 u:

song - september 24
video - september 24
= same day

me against the music:

song - october 14
video - october 21
= 7 days later

gimme more:

song - september 18
video - october 5
= 17 days later


song - october 3
video - october 10
= 7 days later

hold it against me:

song - january 11
video - february 17
= 37 days later

work bitch:

song - september 17
video - october 1
= 14 days later

everyone needs to chill. we're lucky if this doesn't turn into HIAM 2.0 (unless it's going to hit #1 as well)! we're close to GM tho. :MJ:

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