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i was wonder..

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exhale is quite realistic, a bit trashy, like Blackoutney, The others is more, ass licking, Baby one more timeney atitude, little baby trying so hard to get the attention from TeamB! they recently stated that Make me promo was awesome, delusional  :cooltshirt::britwtf3:

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11 minutes ago, GiveMeASign96 said:

lmao your original post said britney exhale fans instead of glaxay, hence our responses :orangu:

yes that word its hate and banned here thats new for me too :lanacackle:

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1 hour ago, Erreur 2 La Nature said:

Some exhalers left the site when Jordan decided to turn it into a pop website and not just a Britney one.

They went to Uni.verse. They are delusional and act like children. They want to get Britney's team's attention by saying Britney is the best in everything she does, that the Make Me promo is fantastic, etc... They lie to themselves and try to act like they are good persons lol.

At least here, we know what we are and we spend good moments.

I mean exhale can be ugly sometimes but atleast people are real here

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