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Please bring this iconic outfit back

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31 minutes ago, LWD said:

this! She looks sooooo much hotter in my opinion, not giving it all away.

Less isn't always more ;)

ikr? even tho i love to see her body in those lingerie and stuff ;) :werk: But I actually think she looks the hottest in these simple pants/top outfits, its just something special about it :YEAHHH:

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18 hours ago, Melinda said:

I love this... but i want her to bring back PANTS!!!! i miss her wearing pants.... she look sexy as f**k in leotards but im a bit sick of them... you can have some leotards and then mix it up with pants, crop tops, and stuff like that. :likethat:

b9927287ea46b8008c41df05be3a02a3.jpg 83977064d80b1029a7c3b54858627299.jpg  fca5230c8273bd3673a861e4611bbfb4.jpg24497839327238737fa55e00b6163ab4.jpg

She was so hot in pants and crop tops. It was so signature Britney too. Unfortunately all the pop stars decided that the only acceptable costumes are swimsuit/leotards. It's not even interesting anymore now that they're all doing the exact same thing. 

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