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How the hell Fifth Hamony's 3rd single is doing better than Britney's lead single

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15 hours ago, Erreur 2 La Nature said:
  • They are new and unknown, they're just getting their first hit singles
  • Britney's been in this industry since 98 and doesn't promote anymore 


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They're new, this is only their 2nd album so it's not a fair comparison at all! Britney is almost 35 and has been around for 18 years, you guys are going to have to face the reality that she's not the hottest thing out anymore and that her chart positions are not going to be super high anymore. Mariah's chart struggles started at about 18/19 years in her carer.....it's just the natural progression of things. Unfortunately for female artists the older you get  the harder it gets! In all honestly a #17 debut from an almost 35 year old female that's 18 years into her career with zero promotion is pretty amazing and better than 99% of the older established female artists currently releasing music with promo!

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22 minutes ago, brintyjoan said:

Why dont y'all shade the rest of the artists who are higher than Britney in the charts? Y'all got a long way to go. Just because a lot are doing better than Britney, y'all hate them. Its sad.

As far as I know y'all shaded Katy, Meghan, Justin and 5th Harmonize. So you still have a list to shade to make yourself feel better. Good luck!


1 3  1 23
2 1 
One Dance
1 16
3 4 
This Is What You Came For
3 12
4 2  1 11
5 5 3 23
6 6
6 19
7 7
7 25
8 9 
8 12
9 8 
1 22
10 10 10 10
11 New
11 1
12 11 
Just Like Fire
10 14
13 12 4 21
14 15 14 10
15 14
14 12
16 13 4 27


Just accept shes not that popular anymore. She doesnt care about charts or other artists, so why would you?



i compared 5h to Britney just because they have same managing team 

other than that , there is no comparison between queen of pop and these newbies 

it was only Promo and managing wise ;) 

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i like them,. i dont know why you guys shade 5h. their new album flopped but it is a solid pop album. one of the best released this year. (however their first album is better)

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I hate to break it to y'all but Britney's days of having hit singles like Baby and Oops are over. She's moved into the icon phase in her career like Janet Jackson or Madonna. But she still can get songs that are topping in the top 30 Make Me is 17 on BB. JLO's new single ain't your mama was 92 and they came out around the same time. So she's still doing better than most people who are 20 years into their career 

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