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You can tell the label are shitting their pants with this era, insecure af

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That's what you get for trying to fool us with the Myah-featured album, fools. Now fix this.

I believe Britney has nothing to do with this mess, it's strictly related to management and label staff freaking out. 

Bitch is still getting paid. 


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quite the contrary it's all Britney sweetie :) 

Larry was there for her most controversial moments , including Madonna kiss and VMA 2000 

Larry is Miley's manager for god sake 

he wants Britney to release a sexy video like MM

it's obviously Britney who has a problem with the video 

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2 hours ago, Erreur 2 La Nature said:

I'm pretty sure her team and RCA would like to make her songs hits but it's probably Britney the one who doesn't give a F about promoting and everything else, she doesn't want to do these things anymore.


Britney is stubborn, she was down for the game until somebody probably pissed her off. She's not stupid, she knows exactly what she's doing. If her going against her own will to make somebody richer, she won't do it. 

I trust and stand by her. Not here for her label or management. 

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