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So I spoke with G-Eazy..

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I attended Lollapalooza yesterday and finally regained feeling in my feet. I'm not a huge fan of G-Eazy, but went to see his set as I had time in between acts. After his set, I was lucky enough to run into his sexy ass at the festival so obviously  my messy drunk ass asked about the Make Me video. His only reply was that it was coming soon :moorangu:

I know what Britney sees in him :cigney:

At this point I'm really hoping it's coming in August

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I didn't realize he'd been around this long...


"I want to be a star. I want to be a fucking DiCaprio of this sh!t. I don't want to be a small time independent successful rapper. The ultimate challenge to that equation is finding a way to play the game but by my rules. To bring my music without dumbing myself down and making bubblegum pop in exchange for becoming famous. I want to bring my world to the major leagues."


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