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Britney "Make Me" MV release: "July TBD"

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I'm not streaming or requesting anymore, I can't be bothered when they don't seem to be doing their jobs properly and probably don't even care.


It's becoming apparent she should just stay in Vegas forever performing her "hits" because she clearly doesn't want to do much else

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44 minutes ago, Miss Cootie said:

Thanks for the info. Can't wait for the video. I already have bought a bunch of maxi pads 4 my wide set bagina. I'm gonna give Niagra falls a run 4 ha money.


i don't get it :madonna:

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Yes I'm aware "of course it's coming this month."   I posted this info because I saw threads about "video today, video tomorrow" and when my friend said there's no release date from Vevo I thought that information was important. 


Everyone who is attacking me can stfu.  I knew about her "surprise" Piece of Me industry show in 2014 and about the removal of the orb for Work Bitch.  


I just relay bits of info when I get it. But I'll stop if people keep being ugly. 

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On 19.7.2016 at 10:43 PM, JSnews said:

I'm not an insider, but I have friends who live in LA and who work in the industry.  I've posted about things before that turned out to be true (click through the content on my profile if you want).   Believe me or not, here's what I know:


My friend in LA works for a PR company that sells the ad space for Vevo.  Vevo lets them know about upcoming releases, and they pitch the ad space to clients who fit the demographic of the artists.


Katy filmed an actual music video for "Rise" (something other than the Olympic video they've been playing) and it's set for release July 28th.  Britney's video is still marked "July TBD".


He said he's sure Vevo would let them know if there's an update, because he's sure the rates will be high for ads during that video because it'll bring in a lot of viewers, but it also depends on if his PR company has any campaigns right now that align with Britney's image.  So it seems more likely than not that her team hasn't decided when to release the video.

Seems like this one turned out to be false :queenflopga: Try again bro. 

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