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Worst News Ever: New Britney Single Drops Some Time This Summer

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Everything, including our very existence, is a lie.

On Tuesday (May 10), word traveled fast around the blogosphere that Britney was readying her new single, which we believe is titled "Make Me," for a release on May 20 – two days prior to her performance at the Billboard Music Awards. It was thought she would take the stage to sing a medley of her most iconic hits and live debut her new song then, but according to RCA Records Executive Vice President Joe Riccitelli, the track isn't expected to arrive until sometime this summer.

“Britney’s really working on a fantastic record. I’ve heard about four or five songs that I think are just going to be big hits for her,” he said in Billboard's Chart Beat podcast.

“She’s found a really great groove, and she’s working with some new, young producers. We have an A&R person working on the project that’s just really been able to thread the needle, and I’m really excited about it…we’re waiting for her to finish the album.”

No word on what the song sounds like, but according to Riccitelli, it's everything.

“I’ve played this track for a lot of people over the last couple of months and the response has been everything I’ve been hoping for and more, so I’m really excited about that," he continued. "That’ll be a single sometime this summer.”

Sometime this summer as in May 20?

Riccitelli affirmed “Britney loves what she does. She loves it," and that "she loves being a mom as well."

"She is as warm-hearted and pleasant as you would imagine her to be. Seeing someone grow up from 16 or 17 to now, you really see the woman that she’s become. More than just an artist, she’s a complete woman. Always been a pleasure to work with.”

I'm still not entirely convinced we'll have to wait farther than May 20 to hear "Make Me." That's either mad denial or wishful thinking.

Thoughts? Let us know in Exhale.

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1 minute ago, Cindy Campbell said:

WHAT. THE. f**k.:girlfall::girlfall::girlfall::girlfall:


meltdown in 3... 2... 1... :girlfall::girlfall::girlfall::girlfall:

:queenie: it's jordan's fault for main paging that the new single was being released on May 20th 

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I hope he's bullshiting us  to keep it a surprise tbh. Don't get me wrong I'm happy for her medley performance but it would be such a waste if they don't take full advantage of that platform. 

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3 minutes ago, queenbrit said:

Timothy and Robin are about to be dragged to hell :rihanna:


Just now, Kalison Kimanda said:

Here comes the meltdowns. :madance:

i was so feeling it either she would perform the new single or not :madance:

i'm not even bothered anymore tho :madance:

she is wasting an opportunity to promote new musical stuff but instead she is just performing her old hits. :madance:

it kinda makes sense since she is accepting the millennium award so i'm ok with it :madance:

i just hope she performs her summer single sometime too... on a tv show/awards too :brityeah:

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THIS IS NOT HAPPENING.:girlfall::girlfall::girlfall:



AND THEN WHEN THE SINGLE COMES SHE WILL NOT EVEN PERFORM IT ON AN AWARD SHOW, JUST WAIT AND SEE. :girlfall::girlfall::girlfall::girlfall::girlfall::girlfall:

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1 minute ago, goincrazy4brit said:

so the BBMA happening for what reason? if it's not about promo for the new record? 

i don't get it:brityeah:

Promote vegas as usual :nochillbrit:

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2 minutes ago, UrFavesRBasic2015 said:

So can people that have been very obviously deliberately posting false info stfu get banned or worse?





But also:




it's time to ban anything related to timothy tbh :comingthru:

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