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Lady Gaga Teams Up With Intel For Mysterious Grammy Project

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Lady Gaga will invent the uninventable.


Lady Gaga will reveal the wizard behind the curtain with the help of Intel.

We're not entirely sure what Mother Monster means when she describes her partnership with the mega tech company in a cryptic video that suddenly surfaced online early Wednesday morning (Jan. 6), but we know it will lead to a performance during the Next Generation of GRAMMY Moments program that will launch during Grammy week in February. GagaDaily reports she will not be performing new material, however.

The collaboration will "showcase technology through creativity at the highest level."

"Intel has enlisted Haus of Gaga to work together on a project that will showcase technology through creativity at the highest level," Gaga said. "The partnership culminates in a ground-breaking collaboration that inspires to remind the world of the seed of innovation."

Watch below:

What do you think she's up to? Let us know in Exhale!

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Now that's interesting. Go Gaga go.


Not here for some artpop bullshit, this seems to be very interesting.


I think Gaga should stick to collaborating on fashion and technology projects. 


Hope it doesn't end up like the blackberry mess.......

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Sounds like another over hyped stunt that will fail to match expectations. Why does she always need to talk so highly about herself. She just needs to let the performances and music speak for its self. She does look lovely though

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I need m-m-m-more, to feed my pop heart
Give me more!
I want: The future, Gaga, Fashion, T-t-technology, Dance, New York, Music, Pop Culture!
I want The Fame
I can hear you! Can you hear me?
The revolution is coming
And I want
W-w-we want, you deserve. The future
My name is Lady Gaga and this is my Haus!

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