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Can You Add Avatars/gifs On A Mobile Device? I'm Stumped :( Noob Problems?

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So I've been posting for a few weeks now. I generally use a tablet to do mostly everything at this point on the interwebs. For the life of me I cannot figure out how to add an avatar to my name or anything else while on my tablet. I've seen suggestions in the introductions on how to do it on what I assume is for desktops or laptops. But I've never seen an option, after clicking the four little squares in the upper right hand corner, that even shows an option for that. I see a 'user controls' when I enter my profile info but you cannot click on that at all! So I have no avatar and no personal information in my profile and I am pretty tech savvy but can't figure this freaking thing out! Anyone else in the same boat or have a solution? It would be much appreciated!

Also is there a "list" of the super cute Brit Brit emojis I always see?

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