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I'm Rapunxel

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Hi Everyone. I'm Rapunxel. 



As you can tell from the gif and username, I stan for Queen of Rap: Azealia Banks. But she's just one of many who I stan for. Others include Gaga (fight me), Beyonce (I know the army don't like her much so I'm ready for the backlash), Lana Del Rey and Marina and The Diamonds. So yeah. my taste is good. But I gotta add, I don't even like Britney. At all. I just joined because I was getting my life from the meltdowns yesterday when Britney deleted all PG related promo.  :yellowGaga: I'm here to just have fun.  :fallonhi: 


On a more personal note:

I'm from South Africa. I write when I can. I'm a bisexual male teenager. My real names Denzel but I've got all my friends to call me Denzel Del Rey (which has a great ring to it tbh).  :christinanod: 


If you got any questions, shoot. Kthnxbye.  :missswan: 

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