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General, Read This About Appropriate Content Please.

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This means that basically ANY thing that revolves around human sexuality would remain undiscussed 'cause most of us here would not be comfortable with our family seeing such postings of ours. Images, I can understand but discussions??? Isn't possible for BreatheHeavy to select another option that is less restrictive? Plenty of forums do allow more or less mature discussions. What plan do those have?


One last thing, Google allows ANY body to find practically ANY type of adult entertainment on its Web and Images search with no restriction whatsoever; no age verification. ANY thirteen or fifteen year-old can log on Google and instantly find ALL the X-rated stuff they want yet Google frets that much over a discussion forum???


:zoomzoom: :zoomzoom: :zoomzoom:

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On 5/8/2016 at 9:35 PM, WOMANIZA said:

Can we please bring back the gay porn gifs. I, for one, thoroughly enjoyed them.

Porn shouldn't be allowed. :disbelief:

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