Listen: New Acoustic "passenger" Mix With Britney Spears & Sia

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bj-outtake-lg.jpgNew "Passenger" mix is the best thing you've never heard off "Britney Jean."

Listen: New Acoustic "Passenger" Mix With Britney Spears & Sia

Oops!... they did it again! Nick* and Country Club Martini Crew (also made this viral "Perfume" mix) crafted a SICK new mix of "Passenger" with Britney and Sia's vocals behind an all new acoustic background.

Some of the Britney vocals on it are never-before-heard and Sia adds a really great element to the song.

From Nick*

"Hi! Just to clear this up, apparently Britney only sang the verses and Myah filled in the hook and bridge – most likely due to time constraints, not ability. We wanted to make this a Britney/Sia duet, since Sia has such an interesting style on her own. Hence we named it Britney Spears & Sia, not Britney Spears featuring Sia."

WAY better than the original in my opinion - send this magic to radio! Enjoy:

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