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Let's Support Katy Perry On August 19 Over Gaga

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this thread is so pathetic in so many ways

hope it won't backfire on us

if people from other fanbases are seeing this, these people aren't Britney fans, they're just trolls, brainless trolls spending their money on someone they don't even stan for just to block someone they claim not a threat yet talk 24/7 about her and find the energy to organize reporting plan / ROAR download days


yeah abso fucking lutely pathetic

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It's such a pleasure to see your fave flopping so hard now . Karma bitches, eat that sh!t.

Now you all accidentally say that you don't care about charts lol.

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applause is a sleeper hit tho so you guys failed with this


it's a smash with longevity


deal with that


What? Applause is going to be one of the biggest Gaga's radio songs. I don't see Brit smashing at #23 on itunes, and having less than 10mil audio video views after 2 weeks lol that's embarrasing.

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